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Dementia safety first

Helping people affected by dementia live more safely in their homes

People with dementia or memory problems are in the highest group of risk of injury from a fire related incident in the home.  We are working with local dementia services to support people with dementia to live safely in their homes.

You can request a visit if:

  1. You have dementia
  2. You are over 65 and have memory problems
  3. You live with someone who has a diagnosis of dementia
  4. You are over 65 and living with someone who does not have a dementia diagnosis but is concerned about their memory

How do I arrange for a home safety visit to be made?

  1. CLICK HERE to be taken straight to our online referral form or
  2. Contact us on 0333 300 0031 or
  3. Email us at safeandwell@bedsfire.gov.uk

For further information, or for information in different languages, please click on our resources below:

You might also find this information useful; https://www.dementiauk.org/get-support/diagnosis-and-next-steps/caring-from-a-distance/

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