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BFRS Staff Networks

Last updated  27 January 2022

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Why do we have staff network groups?

The experiences of under represented groups in the workplace can differ from others.  The network groups can provide peer support and help can play a significant role in organisational change.  Through rasing awareness of different issues and influencing policies, thus helping BFRS to becomeing a more inclusive employer and more effective at engaging with our diverse communities.

 People's Forum

Our People's Forum is a communication platform for all staff, enabling them to ‘Voice’ their ideas as well as their concerns.  It plays an integral role in improving communication and problem solving that harnesses new ways of working. 

LGBTQ+ and Allies Network

Our LGBT+ and Allies Network meets every eight weeks and is open to anyone who wishes to join the conversation on LGBTQ+ inclusion within the service and our wider communities.    It provides a friendly and safe forum for employees who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community, and their straight allies.  It aims to provide support to people, and their families, whilst promoting best practice throughout the organisation. 

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