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People Strategy Consultation

Last updated  27 July 2018

We would like your comments on our draft People Strategy.

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As part of our continuing improvement in delivering an excellent Fire and Rescue Service for the communities of Bedfordshire we are seeking your opinions on our proposed updated People Strategy

Our People Strategy ensures that our employees are key to successful organisational outcomes. Our outcomes demonstrate that we have a workforce of which we can all be proud. This strategy will support a pathway ensuring a skilled, professional and supported workforce for the future.

We would be grateful if you could spare a little time to complete the questions below.  This consultation is open until 27 August 2018.

  • Q1 Do you think the inclusion strategy detailed on pages 3 and 4 represents your expectations of what our Service should be doing?
  • Q2 Do you agree that our Service’s Vision, Objectives, Values and Virtues, as detailed on pages 6 and 7, aligns with the overall People Strategy?
  • Q3 Do you feel that the achievements we have made, detailed in pages 12 to 16, meet your expectations of your local Fire and Rescue Service?
  • Q4 Do you agree that the focus areas for 2018–2022, as detailed on pages 20 to 23, are appropriate for your local Fire and Rescue Service and that they build on our previous achievements?

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