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Our Performance

Performance Monitoring reports are presented to each of the Fire and Rescue Authority's Policy and Challenge Groups for the associated Performance Indicators and targets for the Group and an Annual Performance Report is presented the Fire and Rescue Authority.  Each Group reviews the proposed Indicators and Targets prior to the start of each new financial year.

Both operational and corporate performance is monitored and managed internally via the monthly Corporate Management Team (CMT) Forum. The Fire and Rescue Authority scrutinise a combined performance report covering all areas of operational and corporate performance and delivered to the full Authority on a quarterly basis.

The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and targets included within the report reflect those established as part of the Authority’s annual planning cycle which sets new targets in March of each year, these targets support the strategic aims set out in the Authority’s Community Risk Management Plan (CRMP):

  • Section 3-5: Preventing, Protecting and Responding (Service Delivery)
  • Section 6: Utilising and Maximising (Corporate Services)
  • Section 7: Empowering (Human Resources)

One of the strategic priorities set out in the CRMP is to enable better access to data and performance insight as doing so will help empower staff to greater ownership for delivering performance improvements at a local level. To support this strategic priority, the Service is undertaking a comprehensive review of how it captures and utilises the broad range of risk and performance data available.

The quarterly report contains a revised and expanded set of Service Delivery KPIs that are aligned to the service delivery aims of the CRMP, namely Preventing, Protecting and Responding. These KPIs are drawn from a greatly expanded set of over 220 KPIs measuring both output and outcome performance across the Prevention, Protection and Response areas of the Service. They have been devised to give a Service level view of performance but also allow ‘drill-down’ to local levels and, where applicable, they are aligned to the measures used by the Home Office and Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS) to benchmark performance between other fire and rescue services.

It is likely that this performance report will continue to evolve as work continues to expand the technical capabilities of the Service and increase the breadth and availability of risk and performance information

Performance reporting by exception

The quarterly report presents an overview of performance in key areas of the Service, providing explanatory narrative on specific operational and corporate indicators where performance was notably strong or where additional work is required to secure improvement.

Service Delivery performance is presented from 3 perspectives:

  • by comparison against the annual target levels
  • by comparison with performance at the same point last year; and
  • by comparison with the 5-year average.

 The status of each measure is noted using the following key: 

Chart web

Each year an overarching performance report is produced which provides an overview of how the service has performed over the financial year.

 Copies of all the reports can be found here

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