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Training and Development

The Service's Training and Development function plays a core safety-critical role in enabling the Service to fulfil its aims and objectives regarding Community Safety and the safety of its firefighters.

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By its Design, Development and Delivery of Quality Training it continues to meet the Training and Development needs of both uniformed and non-uniformed members of the Service in the attainment and maintenance of competence.

In order to ensure the provision of the highest quality Training Design, Development and Delivery services to meet the needs and requirements of its own staff and its external customers, the Service has established and maintains a Service Training Centre for which it has sought and achieved registration to BS EN ISO 9001:2008. In line with the requirements of that Standard, the Service is committed to providing the necessary resources to maintain a Quality Management System within the Training Centre.

Personal Development Records (PDR Pro)

As part of the Service implementation of the National Integrated Personal Development System, (as required by the Fire and Rescue Services National Framework) and in compliance with recognised HR good practice, this Service operates a recording methodology which provides a structure for electronic personal development records that will withstand scrtuiny of audit.

Personal Development Records (PDR’s) are a single point of entry for recording training, competent performance, workplace activities and assessments as well as future development. The system we use for our operational personnel is a web based Personal Development Recording system called PDRpro©.

It has been designed as a hierarchal–based system focusing on the National Occupational Standards used within the Fire and Rescue Service. Currently being used or trialled by over 60% of the UK Fire and Rescue Services, this system is continually being reviewed and Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service's Competence & Development team are providing specific development input to the host company MDC.

  • Each user has a unique login and password to enable authorised access.
  • System is web hosted enabling users to access the system from Fire Service PC’s as well as via internet enabled home computers. (Particularly beneficial for Retained Duty Personnel, who only have a limited number of hours at which they attend Fire stations for training).
  • System provides a ‘service-long’ personal development record (from initial data entry), which is suitable for use as a paperless NVQ portfolio.
  • Can accommodate all fire sector operational standards.
  • Records all learning, development and maintenance activities.
  • Allows at a glance overview, showing where competence is held and where skills gaps may exist.
  • Quality assurance: allows Internal Verifiers (IV’s) and external verifiers (EV’s) to ascertain and manage the quality of assessments and records.
  • Reports: a menu driven selection of user definable management reports - ad hoc reports can be created, if required.
  • Ability to upload documents, to enable the support and confirmation of evidence submitted.
  • Available for use 24 hours a day, by fire service personnel across over 18 sites without a need for a paper record.
  • Development reviews / assessment plans can be accommodated within this system.
  • Allows staff to gain evidence for a progressive role when taking on a higher role in a temporary capacity.

Log into PDRPro here.

E-Learning - LearnPRO

E-learning is used in Bedfordshire Fire and rescue service to help deliver Firefighter, Crew and Watch Management Development Programmes as well as supporting theoretical learning delivery at Watch level. The e-learning programme we use is called Learnpro.

Learnpro is a web based e-learning package accessible from any internet enabled PC hosted by MDC learning systems. It is available to all operational personnel and provides an alternative to classroom based learning to compliment the delivery of practical based skills.


There are a wide range of e-learning modules which are designed to support and enhance the delivery of development activities through both instructor-led and individual self learning. Recordable assessments can provide a certificate of success to use as evidence for Personal Development Records. The modules provide full coverage across all of our Generic Risk Assessments.


  • Each user has a unique login and password to enable authorised access.
  • Provides a platform to deliver e-Learning.
  • Controllable learner profile.
  • Allows managers the ability to manage user learning by assigning specific topics to individual users by role or location.
  • An up loadable resource library which can be aligned to development programs.

Log in to Learn PRO here.

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