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Our Vision

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service has a clear Vision of its role within our communities and how this guides our priorities, our objectives and the values we live and work by.

BFRS Vision for web

Our Service Vision is to provide an excellent fire and rescue service for the communities of Bedfordshire.  We aspire
to achieve this vision, not only now but into the future.

The Service Vision inspires us to achieve excellence in Preventing, Protecting and Responding to create safer communities.  We believe that this Vision, realised through the achievement of our objectives and priorities, sets out a clear understanding of why our Service is here, what we are trying to achieve, and the contribution that each of us will make.

A Vision is a concept of how an organisation sees itself, its role and its future.  Having a clear Vision helps the Service focus, create objectives, priorities, and emphasise values that give a direction to the work we all do.  It gives us a common purpose and a common route to achieving that purpose.

Our Objectives

 1.            To respond effectively, manage risks and reduce the number of emergency incidents we attend;

 2.            To ensure high standards of corporate governance and continued service improvement;

 3.            To develop our employees and create a safe, fair, equal and caring workplace for all our staff.

Our Objectives communicate the Service’s long range intentions.  These can be utilised to shape functional and
individual objectives ensuring alignment with organisational outcomes.

Our Priorities

  • To make every contact with the public count;
  • To keep our firefighters safe;
  • To deliver effectiveness and improvements.
The Vision and Objectives are broad statements.  The Service Priorities were created as part of the Service’s Strategic Assessment in 2015. 

To make every contact with the public count; this ensures we make every possible use of the contact we have with vulnerable people in society, working in collaboration with partners to provide the best possible outcome and service to our communities. 

Firefighter safety is at the heart of all we do, keeping our firefighters as safe as possible through robust risk assessment, training, PPE and equipment. 

Delivering effectiveness and improvements; depicts Bedfordshire’s natural style to strive for improvement whilst recognising the pressure of budget restraint and ensuring value for money for taxpayers.

The priorities are to further help shape functional, team and individual objective setting.

We have also identified eight Virtues - Humility, Courage, Wisdom, Tenacity, Prudence, Disinterest, Loyalty and Truth - which were first created as part of an ethical framework to guide leadership behaviours.  In essence they are there to guide the behaviours of everyone who works for and with Bedfordshire fire and Rescue Service.  They are aspirations and a way of working that brings out the best in all of us.  Our Personal Qualities and Attributes (PQA) framework defines generic managerial skills for Supervisory, Middle and Strategic Managers.  The PQAs are also referred to during appraisal to imbed and describe desirable behaviours in the workplace. 

Nationally the sector holds a set of core values to further underpin leadership. 

Fire and Rescue Service Core Values:





These statements help shape the day to day work and behaviours of us all.

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