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Interested in Having-A-Go at being a firefighter?

We hold “Have a Go” sessions at our Community Fire Stations for anyone interested in a career as a firefighter. These sessions with give those thinking of becoming a firefighter, or have never thought of it before but enjoy a physical and mental challenge, an insight in to the role of a professional firefighter working for Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service.

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Do you work or live within 6 minutes of your local fire station?

Register your interest in attending our next ‘have a go day’ to find out more about the role of On-call Firefighter. We will add your name to our list and contact you once we have a date confirmed. Simply fill out the form below:

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  • Are you interested in becoming an on-call firefighter?
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Each event kicks off  with a briefing. After this you will receive a set of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)  and undergo a warm up before trying your skills at a variety of practical tasks. these usually include:

-   climbing a ladder,

-   equipment carry,

-   equipment assembly,

-   casualty evacuation, 

- ladder lift

You will be supported all the way by some of our current team of experienced firefighters. Once everyone has had a go at these tasks you will return your PPE and take part in a debrief session about On-Call and Wholetime Firefighter career paths where you will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions about this challenging and fulfilling career.

At these sessions we will discuss with you the wider role of a firefighter, working within the community to prevent fires and other emergencies and protecting the public in their home, on our roads and in their workplaces.  The practical events also provide an opportunity to undertake some of the activities that form our selection process in advance of your application.

Sign up for more information about our "have-a-go" sessions and joining Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service here.

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