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Equality, Diversity, Inclusion

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Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service is committed to be an ‘employer of choice’ by creating a culture of dignity and respect for all individuals. We aspire to be the best ‘Fire and Rescue Service’ by adopting standards that continually improve the services we deliver and the employment practices, we adopt.

We aim to achieve this by ensuring our policies, procedures and functions are in line with legislation to safeguard people, as well as being conscious of our moral obligations.  

We want to continually develop initiatives that appreciate every individual based upon merit. We recognise the importance and benefits a diverse workforce brings to an organisation; the talents, skills, experience and different cultural perspectives that enhances our understanding and application when delivering services. It is important that staff feel respected and valued to achieve their potential in employment.

Our aim is to provide our staff with the right skills to deliver services that meet the needs of our diverse communities. We can only achieve this by ensuring our workforce reflects the communities we serve. This is why, we will continually adopt best practice initiatives to encourage applications from diverse groups of people. This includes:

Positive Action

The steps we take to encourage groups of people from diverse backgrounds to apply for jobs within the service. The recruitment and selection process will determine the best person for the role, regardless of whether they have a particular characteristic or not. The activity may also include ways in which we raise awareness to encourage staff to apply for promotion and training.

For example; attending events in the community to raise awareness of our jobs, as well as our safety messages to safeguard individuals.

Recruitment and selection

The Recruitment team will implement the recruitment and selection policy and practices fairly and equitably, ensuring that all applicants receive fair and equal treatment and are considered solely on their potential and ability to do the job.

The team will ensure that any individual that declares a disability will have reasonable adjustments put in place to enable them to equitably perform in the recruitment and selection process.

For example; taking reasonable steps to support people who have identified a need.

Learning, Training and Development

The Learning and Development team will ensure that staff receive the skills and knowledge to undertake the role. The team will consider any requirements to help staff during the training process.

 For example; supporting staff who have indicated a need for support whilst undertaking the training activity.

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