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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Wholetime Firefighter Recruitment

Here are some answers to FAQs about joining Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service as a wholetime firefighter.

 How do I know if my qualifications meet the criteria?

If you are unsure if your qualifications are equivalent to having 3 GCSE’s A – C including Maths and English, please contact an education provider or careers advisory service for clarification.

 I’m having problems uploading my certificates 

The easiest way to upload your certificates is to save them all to a file and then upload the file to your application.

 I need to find or request copies of my certificates, can I do this?

If you are unable to provide evidence of your qualifications at the application stage you will need to send the evidence to: recruitment@bedsfire.gov.uk  This evidence must be provided prior to the interview stage. Failure to do so will prevent your application from progressing further.

 Will the recruitment process close when a certain number of applications are reached?

If we receive a high volume of applications, we may close the application window earlier than originally communicated

 I am dyslexic. Will I be able to cope with the online psychometric and ability tests?

Dyslexia is a disability and you will be asked if you have a disability as part of the recruitment process. Should you answer ‘yes’ we can make reasonable adjustments for you at the relevant stages of the selection process.

We normally ask for a report to confirm the type and extent of your dyslexia. This report should be sent to recruitment@bedsfire.gov.uk  prior to taking the online tests.

What salary will I receive?

The salary for a Firefighter starts at £22,908 whilst completing the initial training course. This rises to £23,862 whilst in the development stage. Once assessed as competent in role (approximately three years) this rises to £30,533 per year. Pay awards are reviewed on 1st July each year.

As a practising Sikh, can I still be a Firefighter and wear a turban?

A new clause of the Deregulation Bill 2015 extends the existing exemption for Sikhs to have to wear a safety helmet under the Employment Act in all workplaces. However, there are exclusions for emergency response services and the military, which apply only in hazardous operational situations when the wearing of a safety helmet is considered necessary. These include for example, entering a burning building where protective clothing needs to be worn to enclose the whole body, situations such as bomb disposal, or when dealing with hazardous materials like chemical leaks, bio-hazards or radiation. However, in a non-operational environment Turban and head coverings can be worn. 

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