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Have you got what it takes to be a Firefighter?

Last updated  08 November 2018

Traditionally, firefighters are seen as dealing with fires and rescuing people from burning buildings.

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But the majority of the work that firefighters are involved in is community fire safety work. This prevention work recognises that the best way of fighting fire is to stop it from starting in the first place – mainly by educating and informing the public.

As a firefighter you will find yourself involved with schools, community volunteer groups, and other organisations. Being able to communicate effectively with a wide variety of people is important, as is treating people with dignity and respect, irrespective of their backgrounds and cultures.

As a firefighter you also need to deal sensitively with members of the public when they are distressed and confused and be able to solve problems using relevant information. Your initiative and empathy is very important.

Not sure if the role of a firefighter is suitable for you? Consider these everyday factors in a firefighter’s working life and see if you have what it takes.

  • Are you willing to work shifts that will include nights, evenings, weekends and public holidays – including Christmas and New Year?
  • Are you ready to work outdoors in cold, arduous conditions for long periods, day and night?
  • Are you prepared to spend much of your time studying, developing your skills and training?
  • Are you able to carry out basic, time-consuming tasks such as cleaning and preparing your vehicle and equipment to be in optimum condition for when it’s needed?
  • Are you aware that less than 10% of a firefighter’s time is taken up actually responding to emergencies?
  • Are you willing to work in your community to communicate the risks to a wide range of people including the elderly and children and what to do about them?
  • Are you able to deal with highly stressful situations in a positive and professional manner?
  • Are you able to work as part of a team?

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