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Training and Development

Last updated  08 November 2018

If you are offered a position with Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service you will receive the required training to become a firefighter. This will be in the form of the new apprenticeship standard, leading to a formal qualification.

Training and dev

The initial training will be for fourteen weeks. The first week and the last five weeks of the course will be held at the Training & Development Centre at Service HQ.  The middle eight weeks will be held at the Fire Service College, Moreton in the Marsh, Gloucestershire and is residential from Monday to Friday. 

Having completed your foundation training you will start operational duties in the role of firefighter and be a responsible member of a well organised team (called a Watch).  Whilst there is a reliance on teamwork, there is plenty of scope for individual potential to be realised and a career path to be developed. 

Once you have completed your foundation training and been assigned to a Watch you will begin the development phase of your training. Your development phase will follow an apprenticeship framework.  Everyone will have their own personal development programme and regular progress reviews. Training is provided to meet development needs and evidence will need to be collected and assessed to maintain competence in the role.

We also offer you continuous in-house training to ensure your potential is maximised and that you are kept up-to-date with the latest equipment and specialist techniques.  There may also be a requirement to attend courses at various locations to progress your learning journey and Longer Term Career Prospects.

There are opportunities for career development within the Fire and Rescue Service.  You can begin to take on extra responsibilities involving more specialist duties, such as Fire Safety, Fire Investigation, Community Fire Safety, Training, Operations Support and Research and Development.

Within Bedfordshire, career progression for Wholetime Duty System personnel occurs as follows:

  • Firefighter
  • Crew Manager
  • Watch Manager
  • Station Manager
  • Group Manager
  • Area Manager
  • Brigade Manager (Deputy Chief & Chief Fire Officer)
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