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What Firefighters Do

Last updated  08 November 2018

Today's firefighters have a varied working life, it's not just about dealing with emergencies.

what ff do

Responding to Emergencies 

Firefighters are always ready to respond immediately and safely to all emergency calls including fires, road traffic collisions, flooding, and animal rescues . Their role also includes minimising distress and suffering, including giving first aid where first on scene at incidents and providing advice and support to the public following an incident.

Community Safety

An increasing part of the firefighters role is to encourage people to be safer in their homes, preventing fires and emergencies before they happen and to make sure people understand the risks of fire and what they can do to protect themselves.

Firefighters take part in activities such as:

  • Giving talks to schools;
  • Visiting community groups;
  • Undertaking Safe and Well visits;
  • Advising homeowners on protecting their properties from fire risks;

Firefighters are therefore required to have a range of communication skills and have regular contact with all sections of the community and the ability to speak a different language, be able to sign and/or have skills with young people can be an advantage.

Fire Safety

Firefighters undertake inspections of local businesses and other premises such as hospitals and airports in order to gather risk information.  This information assists with planning and ensures the Service has information of the premises in advance of an incident occurring. 

Firefighters carry out fire safety inspections on local businesses providing advice on how to make their premises safe for their workers and occupants.  Firefighters enforce fire safety legislation where required.

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