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Prevent arson to your business

There are over 3,000 arson attacks on businesses every year in the UK.  Arson accounts for over 45% of all fires on businesses with the majority of the offences down to opportunistic vandalism.  A frightening statistic is that up to 80% of businesses never fully recover from a serious fire.

The threat of arson is ever present for shops and business alike, however, there are steps that shops and businesses can take to reduce the opportunities for crime and arson to occur on their sites. Many of these are common to the advice for schools and this advice can be accessed via the pages as below:

Reduce the opportunity to start a fire

How to reduce the spread of fire

Stop people entering your business

The Chief Fire Officers Association website ‘Stop Arson UK’ gives some practical advice for businesses as to how to reduce the risk of being subject to an arson attack.  

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