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Prevent Arson To Derelict and Unused Buildings

Last updated  18 May 2018

Derelict and unused buildings and buildings under construction or renovation are often subject to arson, criminal damage and theft and are an easy target when they are left insecure and unoccupied.

 Bell Farm Kempston 10 July 2015 IMG_1213 web

While derelict and unused buildings may seem of little value to their owners, who may not implement safety and security measures, they do pose a serious risk to properties around them and those who may be using them illegally, such as young people or the homeless.

Other derelict and unused buildings and buildings under construction, such as new developments or as renovation projects can be of significant value and their owners should protect them from by taking adequate security measures.

Dealing with fires in such properties also takes firefighters away from other serious emergencies where lives may be at risk and prevents them taking part in training and community safety activities. It is irresponsible for building owners not to consider implementing safety and security measures to prevent damage to their property, to surrounding properties and endangering lives.

Follow the advice give below to protect empty buildings you may be responsible for.

Report A Derelict Building

If you know of a derelict or unused building please report it to the buildings control department of your local council contact via one of the two links below (one for derelict or abandoned buildings and one for dangerous buildings or structures).

Report A Derelict, Empty or Unused Building

Report A Dangerous Building or Structure

Beds Fire


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