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Prevent arson to vehicles

Vehicle fires present a significant problem both in terms of economic and environmental damage. One in 12 stolen vehicles will be burnt out, so preventing your car from being stolen is an important way to reduce arson to vehicles.

Reduce the risk of your vehicle being stolen:
  • Always leave your vehicle in a well lit place. Thieves like  working in shadows, so avoid poorly lit areas;
  • In a ticket-exit car park, take the ticket with you and always try to use a secured car park;
  • Don’t leave the key in the ignition – not even for just a few seconds to go into your house, a shop or pay for petrol;
  • When you leave the car, close windows. Don’t forget to lock the sun roof
  • Fit and use an anti-theft devices – most car thieves are opportunists, so they will probably move on to a car without a device fitted. You can often obtain an insurance discount for an approved alarm / immobiliser;
  • Always lock doors and boot or tailgate, even when the car is in your own drive or garage, and take the key with you;
  • Take your property with you when you leave your car or lock belongings in the boot. In a hatchback the rear shelf should be in position. In an estate car cover up property with a sheet or blanket.

Always report abandoned vehicles

Please report any vehicle you consider abandoned to your local council who will investigate and remove it if it meets their criteria for abandoned vehicles. The sooner it is reported, the sooner it can be moved and the less danger to you and your community.

Bedford Borough Council

Call Environmental Services helpdesk: 01234 718060

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Call 0300 300 8032

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