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Advice for child minders

Guidance provided by the National Fire Chief's Council (NFCC) helps childminders make sure that their houses and flats are safe from fire and that they are complying with the law. Childminding in houses or flats does not normally present a high risk to life from fire and it is important that a homely environment is maintained.

Fire and Rescue Services will not normally undertake proactive visits to childminders. However, if you provide childminding services for large numbers of children or are in complex or unsuitable premises then the Fire and Rescue Service may want to carry out an inspection.

If Ofsted are concerned about the fire safety in your premises they are likely to ask the Fire and Rescue Service to carry out a visit.

 It is important that childminders think about how they can reduce the risk of a fire starting, how they will be alerted if a fire starts. They should also know the importance of keeping escape routes unobstructed, how to draw up an escape plan and how to call the fire and rescue service in the event of fire.

The publication can be downloaded for free here.

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