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Electrical safety

We use electricity every day – whether we’re charging our phones, watching TV or washing our laundry, we’re tapping into a potentially dangerous source of power. The following video, created by our Community Safety Officer Laraine, explains the importance of electrical safety and outlines some helpful tips. Please watch, and scroll below for some additional advice.

Don’t overload extensions and socket adaptors. One plug socket should only carry a maximum of 13 amps worth of appliances.  High energy appliances like kettles, toasters and microwaves should be plugged directly into the wall socket.

Follow our advice for plug and socket safety:

  • Always check plugs have the right fuses in, keep spares handy;
  • Always ensure your plugs and sockets are not damaged;
  • Replace plugs if they show burning or scorch marks;
  • Check that visible cables and leads are in good condition with no loose wires or fraying;
  • Check that your light fittings are not visibly damaged and that downlighters are in good working condition;
  • Do not store combustible materials around your fusebox, electricity meter or electrical intake;
  • Never run cables under carpets or rugs;
  • Never take mains-powered electrical items into the  bathroom;
  • Always switch off your electrical items when they are not in use at the socket.

Microwaves will over heat if table cloths or cookery books are put on top of them or objects are put too close to their air vents.

Don’t use appliances at night, if you put your washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher or other white goods on while you sleep you’ll only know if they catch fire  when a smoke alarm activates (if you have one). Using appliances during the day increases your chances of an early detection of a problem. Don’t put them on before you go out either!

Do a quick, visual check with this FREE smartphone app that your electrical appliances and your flat or home is electrically safe. Its easy-to-use and highlights potential dangers in each room and explains how to resolve simple, non-technical problems. If serious issues are flagged, you should contact a registered electrician. Find one here.

Register your appliances

The Register My Appliance web portal, is a safety initiative designed by the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA) to make it quick and easy to register over sixty leading brands of electrical appliances, directly with the manufacturer. Recognising the lack of ownership information on many older products, the majority of brands offer registration of products up to at least twelve years old. With less than a third of these large white goods registered when they were purchased, many leading manufacturers are offering prize draws or incentives to encourage owners to get their older fridges, freezers, washing machines, dryers and cooking appliances on record, in case a safety repair is ever needed.  

Why register?

•  Be alerted to any safety repairs or recalls

•  Improve your after sales service

•  Keep in touch with upgrade news

What to register?

You can register all kinds of electrical appliances made by over 60 manufacturers – these include:

  • Fridges and freezers
  • Ovens and hobs
  • Dishwashers
  • Food-waste disposers
  • Microwave ovens
  • Washing machines
  • Tumble dryers
  • Small appliances

How to register:

Visit the Register My Appliance web portal.

You can also find out about current product recalls, get advice on caring for your electrical appliances to increase their use and protect them from wear, tear and harm and get other home safety advice.

What are you waiting for? It’s quick and easy to register your appliance.

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