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Fire Safety in the Home

The information on this page is to support your awareness of how to stay fire safe in your home. The resources on this page provide some simple advice to follow that could support you with making your home safer.

If you are looking for more specific advice about different areas of fire safety, such as cooking, electrical or candle safety, please use the left hand navigation bar to explore our other ‘Community Safety’ pages.

 The following video is in BSL, subtitled and audio format, from the Government Fire Kills Campaign and provides advice on measures that can be taken to reduce fire risks in the home. It discusses general fire safety and also provides some specific guidance on different types of useful equipment.

For further guidance, please click here to access the Gov.uk fire safety in the home pages. There are downloadable ‘Fire Safety in the Home’ guides for different groups of people, as well as guidance around seasonal fire safety and safety both inside and outside the home.

The Government Fire Kills Campaign website can also be accessed here, and includes further information videos and support.

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