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Stay Safe At Home

Last updated  18 May 2018

Fires in the home are the main cause of fire deaths and injury. Following our safety tips will help you avoid risking your family and your home.

 Smoke alarm


  • Install working smoke alarms, one on each floor of your property;
  • Put smoke alarms on the ceiling in the hallway and the landing;
  • Test your smoke alarms weekly
  • Plan your escape routes so everyone in your home knows how to get out if there’s a fire and where to meet up safely nearby;
  • Think of where you and how you can make yourself safe inside your home if you cannot escape;
  • Every night check electrical appliances are switched off at the plugs if not in use (e.g. not fridges or freezers), ash trays are emptied into a suitable bin and all internal doors are closed;
  • Don’t run washing machines, dishwashers or tumble dryers at night when you are asleep or leave them unattended when you go out;
  • Take extra care when cooking using hot oils, if the oil smokes it's too hot. Why not replace chip pans with a thermostatically controlled deep fat fryer?
  • Never cook after consuming alcohol or using drugs - including some prescription or over the counter medicines as they may cause drowsiness.

Beds Fire


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