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Petrol storage

Keep any storage of petrol on domestic or businesses premises to a minimum and please follow this advice to avoid fires and explosions.

Petrol is an extremely flammable liquid with a vapour that will ignite with contact from a naked flame, a spark from an electrical or mechanical source or even from a spark caused by ‘static’ such as can occur when removing clothing made out of certain fabrics.

Members of the public can only store up to maximum of 30 litres of petrol without having to informing your local Petroleum Enforcement Authority (PEA). To find your local PEA using this link.

Follow this advice to stay safe around petrol and other fuels.

  • If you must store petrol, do so in a place that is not part of, or attached to part of a building where people live and sleep;
  • Petrol must be stored in approved plastic or metal containers of the sort that can typically be purchased from filling stations;
  • Do not fill any container more than the capacity printed on the label;

Even with these guidelines, the best advice is do not stock-pile fuel of any description - the risks are just not worth it.

Further information on some of the legal aspects of petrol storage can be found in Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service Fire Safety Guidance Notes 39 and 40, see below.

For further advice on safe petrol storage please see the Health and Safety Executive guidance.

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