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Rented Accomodation, Smoke Alarms & Landlords

Last updated  12 October 2018

All properties should have working smoke alarms that are tested regularly. If you rent your home your landlord, whether a social landlord like a housing association or council, or a private landlord, is responisible for providing smoke alarms.

Smoke alarm

If your home is privately rented, provided through housing association or a council property, it may have a smoke alarm hard-wired into the building. If this begins bleeping the tenant should contact their landlord and ask them to fix, maintain or replace the alarm.

Private landlords with rented properties are legally obliged to have a working smoke alarm fitted on every floor of the building and you should contact them and ask them to replace any faulty ones. If they refuse to fit them or replace batteries contact our Fire Safety enforcement team on 01234 845000.

For more information relating to this and building regulations please visit our landlords or rental pages.

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