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Renting Your Home?

Last updated  21 May 2018

Landlords Have Responsibilities To Keep You Safe

If you live in privately rented accommodation, your landlord has to meet certain safety obligations under the law.

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Your landlord has a number of responsibilities to keep you safe in your rent home. These include:

  • Ensuring all gas and any electrical appliances they provide are safe to use and in good working order;
  • That gas appliances are checked by a registered Gas Safe engineer every year;
  • All electrical appliances carry the British Safety Standard sign;
  • Ensuring furnishings are fire resistant and meet safety regulations;
  • Your landlord showing you safety certificates so that you can see when gas and electrical appliances were last checked
  • Guaranteeing there are adequate escape routes in the property (Under the 2004 Housing Act);
  • Providing working smoke alarms on every floor of a property;

Why not ask your landlord if they have:

  • Checked the electrical wiring, sockets, switches, light fittings etc. recently;
  • A regular maintenance programme for gas heaters and appliances;
  • Cleaned and checked any chimneys and flues recently;
  • Fitted and maintained a carbon monoxide detectors.

If you are worried your landlord isn’t doing enough to ensure your safety contact the environmental health officer at your local council.

There's plenty of information about your right to stay safe in this leaflet.

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