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Caravan safety

It’s as important to stay safe in your caravan as it is in your home and mobile living creates
its own safety issues. Follow our advice to stay safe on the road and in your
mobile home.

  • Install a working smoke alarm your caravan - it is just as important as having one in your home, and just as dangerous not to;
  • Ensure caravans and tents are at least six metres apart and away from parked cars;
  • Make sure you know what the fire arrangements on the camp site are and where the nearest telephone is.

Inside the caravan:

  • If you smoke, use metal ashtrays – and never smoke in bed;
  • Don’t leave children alone inside a mobile home;
  • Don’t block air vents – if any leaking gas builds up you may fall unconscious and be unable to escape;
  • Turn off all appliances before you leave the caravan or go to bed;
  • Never use a cooker or heater whilst your caravan is moving
  • Never use a BBQ inside your caravan, it gives off poisonous carbon monoxide gas that is undetectable.

If there's a fire in your caravan:

  • Get everyone out straight away;
  • Call the fire and rescue service and give your location with a map reference, if possible, or provide a nearby landmark, like a farm.

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