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Biker Down courses

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service runs free "Biker Down" courses throughout the year to give motorcyclists and other road users the skills they need to help bikers who may have been involved in a road traffic collision (RTC).  The courses run throughout the year and are held at Shefford Community Fire Station, usually at the weekend.

Each course lasts four hours and is split into four modules:

Module 1 – First on scene – this module includes an introduction into the course followed by detailed input on risk assessment, prioritisation of activities, calling the emergency services and giving accurate details, parking safely on arrival, scene safety, hazards that can be encountered at an incident and how to deal with each, managing adrenaline and generally staying calm and safe.

Module 2 – First Aid – this module covers basic life saving first aid techniques that can be applied when arriving first on scene. We cover managing the airway, breathing and circulation of casualties whilst reiterating being mindful of the hazards detailed in module 1. We also perform a ‘Motorcycle Helmet’ removal demonstration and allow participants to practise the correct technique for this.

Module 3 – Avoiding the accident – this module enlightens attendees with current statistics with regards to motorcycle accidents, the most common causes of motorcycle accidents including both motion camouflage and the looming effect. The module concludes with a discussion on some advanced riding techniques that can be used to reduce the chance of becoming involved in an accident.

Module 4 – The Law – this module covers various aspects of the law and how it can affect persons involved in an RTC (such as modifications to vehicles invalidating your insurance). It also covers the information the Police will require after a serious collision, what to expect from the Police after a collision, the court process including what to expect if you are required to give evidence and finally a ‘frequently asked questions’ session covering several other interesting topics.

For more information, or to book a place, contact the Biker Down team.

Course dates are as follows:

  • Sunday 13 March
  • Sunday 8 May
  • Sunday 5 June
  • Saturday 20 August
  • Saturday 24 September
  • Saturday 22 October
  • Sunday 20 November
  • Saturday 10 December 

Book your place now for the BikerDown Course.

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