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Don't Drink and Drive

Last updated  21 May 2018

Driving after drinking can have devastating consequences and can easily result in serious injuries or even death. Please keep yourself, your family and others safe by making it your rule: 'If you have had a drink Don't Drive'.

Drink driving - the facts:

  • Every week in the UK, 11 people will die as a result of drink driving.
  • On average, 3,000 people are killed or seriously injured each year as a result of drink-driving.
  • 18% of people killed in road crashes have traces of illegal drugs in their blood.

Young men in their 20s are four times more likely to be involved in drink-drive accidents than other age groups.

Drink driving could mean:

  • being caught and breathalysed by the police;
  • being tested for impairment through drugs at the roadside using the FIT test;
  • a 12 month driving ban;
  • a criminal record;
  • a hefty fine of up to £5,000;
  • up to 6 months in prison;
  • lifestyle changes such as potentially losing your car, job and relationship.
  • Different drugs affect your driving in different ways, some speed up your reactions, some slow them down - all are dangerous

If you have been drinking don’t drive.

If someone you are with has been drinking don’t let them drive you home – you are as likely to be injured as a passenger in a vehicle driven by a drunk driver as the driver.

Report drunk drivers by calling 999.

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