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Motorbike Road Safety

Ride a motorbike? Here are our 5 top tips for how to keep both yourself and others safe on the roads.

1. All the gear is a good idea


  • Helmet with full face protection
  • Gloves
  • Long sleeve jacket and trousers to protect against road rash, sunburn, and windburn
  • Boots for protection against injury and for better grip


  • Shorts or t-shirts
  • Flip-flops
  • Dark clothes that reduce other road user’s ability to see you 
Bike Clothing

2. Prepare for take off

Plan your route, avoiding congestion or narrow winding roads.

Avoid Narrow Roads


3. Pimp your ride

Make sure your bike is appropriate for your level and experience. Also ensure that it has a valid MOT and is taxed and insured like any car. Check tyre conditions and service regularly.


4. Not for a rainy day

No biker wants to get caught in the rain. Lack of stability and protection from the elements can be dangerous and also painful.

Wet Slippery Roads

5. Bike like a pro

Use your mirrors. Give yourself time to react. Respect speed limits and stay in control.


Check your mirrors

Why not sign up to one of our Biker Down courses? Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service runs free "Biker Down" courses throughout the year to give motorcyclists and other road users the skills they need to help bikers who may have been involved in a road traffic collision

Beds Fire


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