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Motorcycle Safely

It's Spring! Time to get your bike back out on the road. before you do, have a look at our advice below.

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Summer riding

Here are a few tips to help motorcyclist get ready for a safe summer of riding:

Does your bike need a service?

If your bike has been stored away for months or hasn’t had a service recently now is a good time to get it done. This is not just to protect your bike but also for safety reasons to prevent you breaking down.

Check tyres and tyre pressure

Look for any signs of damage or wear and tear that may cause problems. If it’s been standing for a while air may have leaked from the tyres so check the pressure too.

Recharge the battery.

If your battery wasn’t on maintenance charge it may need replacing or at the least recharging.

Check brake pads and chain.

Worn chains and brake pads can be easily checked prior to use. Checking your chain and brake pads is easy just refer to your manual for guidance.  Another tip is to look at the slits (if your brake pads have these) on your brake pads; if you can see them you’re fine.

Clean and lube.

Make sure your bike is clean, especially lights and mirrors and check that the chain and cables are lubricated.

Check your gear  

Make sure your helmet and leathers are fit and fine for the job, look out for any signs of damage general wear and tear that may cause your protective clothing to fail. Make sure you pay special attention to zips and seams too.

Do you still have valid insurance?

Check that your insurance and MOT are valid and that you have notified your insurance company of any relevant modifications.


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