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Parking sensibly

When attending a fire or road traffic collision, every second is precious. How would you feel if fire fighters struggled to reach your home, or the home of your family or friends in an emergency situation? Our smallest appliance needs a minimum of 3m (around 10ft), or the width of two cars, to pass down a road safely.


Please think about your parking and keep a clear path for emergency vehicles.

Residential streets and roads near schools are often difficult to pass through safely, especially when cars are dropping off or picking up children. You may not be parking illegally, but is there a smarter option? Would a space a few metres away be a better place to stop?

It’s not just our fire engines that could be delayed – our on-call firefighters need to arrive at their station within five minutes. Just a short delay could mean the difference between a fire engine being on its way to your incident or being delayed. Don’t let your car be the one that slows us in an emergency.

Follow this advice parking with consideration:

  • Pull in your wing mirrors (don’t forget to flip them out before driving off)
  • Don’t park too close to corners, fire engines are larger than cars and need more room to turn
  • If you’re parking opposite someone, remember that a fire engine needs 3m, or two car widths, to pass safely
  • Make sure your wheels are straight and not sticking out
  • Park as close to the kerb as you can
  • Always follow the Highway Code and obey the road markings such as yellow lines and box junctions
  • In narrow streets, only park on one side of the road where possible
  • Make sure you leave enough space for pedestrians on the pavement
  • Don’t block driveways

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