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Always Wear Your Seatbelt

Last updated  21 May 2018

One third of people killed in collisions weren't wearing a seatbelt so you are more likely to die if you aren’t using a seatbelt than someone wearing one. Seatbelts also reduce the risk of being thrown from a vehicle.

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Always wear a seatbelt - seatbelts save lives.

In a 30mph crash an unrestrained passenger’s body hits anything in front of it at a force equivalent to 30 to 60 times their own body weight - the same force as a charging rhino. It can result in death or serious injury to you and anyone sitting in the car.

However people are less likely to use seatbelts on short or familiar journeys or at low speeds which puts them at serious risk of injury in a crash. Don’t become complacent about wearing your seatbelt even on short journeys.

  • Nearly one life every day would be saved if everyone wore their seatbelts;
  • One in five young people driven by another young person don’t wear seatbelts;
  • Penalties for non wearers range from £100 fine upwards;
  • The law requires you to use a seat belt if one is fitted and for children up to 135cms tall to use a child restraint, visit www.dft.gov.uk/think for information.
  • Drivers are responsible for making sure children under 14 wear seatbelt;
  • If you were not wearing a seatbelt any injury compensation after an accident may be reduced.
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