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Guidance for young and new drivers

Young people are still disproportionately at risk on the roads and you are most at risk when you first start to drive.

For inexperienced drivers distraction while driving can be lethal.

You may think you’re used to multi-tasking but texting and using the internet while you’re watching TV isn’t the same as doing so while you’re behind the wheel. Your reaction times are 50% slower while talking on a phone, and you’re four times more likely to crash if you use a mobile while driving.

Distracted driving isn’t just dangerous for you – it puts your passengers, other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians at risk too.

Showing off to your friends can also be extremely dangerous - and it counts as anti-social driving which could lead to you losing your car.

Whether you’re younger or older, using a mobile phone, texting, using in-vehicle technologies (such as sat navs) and even eating can distract you from the road. Even if it’s just for a few seconds – that’s all it takes to have or cause a crash.

Please remember:

  • There’s no safe way to use a phone whilst driving – turn it off or put it on silent, and put it out of reach;
  • Be a safe passenger – let the driver focus on the road;
  • Just drive – eating, drinking and smoking whilst driving reduces your reaction time;
  • Set your sat nav or your sound system before you drive. If you need to adjust them, pull over in a safe place.

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