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Chief Fire Officer from Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service gets locked up by Bedfordshire Police

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service’s (BFRS) Chief Fire Officer (CFO), Andy Hopkinson, was ‘arrested’ and locked up behind bars to support The Fire Fighters Charity (FFC).

The aim was to raise at least £1,000 ‘bail money’ in order for the Chief Fire Officer to be released from jail. In the end he managed to raise an incredible amount of £1,525 and was released from the cell around midday on 1st April.

Bedfordshire Police supported BFRS with this fundraising event. Deputy Chief Constable and Chief Inspector, Rachel Glendenning arrested CFO, Andy Hopkinson at the BFRS HQ. He was then locked away in the new custody suite, Green Wing at the Bedfordshire Police HQ.

The Fire Fighters Charity is a non-profit organisation who help all serving and retired members of the fire in the UK as well as their families. They provide tailored support to help people that have mental health, physical wellbeing and social needs. There are a number of programmes such as, counselling sessions, support groups, lifestyle management advice etc. available to Fire Service staff across the country.

Before the event, Andy Hopkinson, Chief Fire Officer for Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service said “I am really looking forward to be taking part in this ‘Jail and Bail’ fundraising event in support of The Fire Fighters Charity. The charity does frankly amazing work providing specialist, lifelong support for members of the UK fire services community, supporting individuals to achieve mental, physical and social wellbeing throughout their lives. I’d like to thank Bedfordshire’s Chief Constable, Garry Forsyth, for supporting us with this fundraising event. I’m praying he doesn’t lose the key to my cell!”

Watch our Chief Fire Officer get arrested