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Stay safe this Pancake Day

Shrove Tuesday marks the beginning of Lent, when hundreds of people throughout the country make pancakes, often before they begin a 40 day fast.

When distracted by the image of a deliciously warm pancake, fire safety may not be at the forefront of our minds. However, fat and chip pan fires can be devastating, with a very high proportion of fires resulting in injuries.

Area Community Safety Officer Andy Martin said: “Making pancakes can be lots of fun for the whole family. However, over half of all accidental fires in the home start in the kitchen so please take care, especially when cooking with hot oil. Make sure that the cooking area is clear and all appliances are turned off when you have finished.”

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service offer the following safety tips.

When using a frying pan or cooking with hot oil, remember:

      • Never leave the pan unattended when the heat is switched on
      • Do NOT move the pan if it is on fire!

If the pan does catch fire:

      • Don’t take any risks. Turn off the heat if it is safe to do so.
      • Never throw water over it.
      • Don’t tackle the fire yourself.
      • GET OUT, STAY OUT, CALL 999.

Working smoke alarms will greatly increase your chances of escaping unharmed. Have an escape plan and follow it - find out which way you can leave your home in an emergency.

Stay alive, stay safe, and make sure your smoke alarms work properly;

    • Test your smoke alarms every month
    • Change the battery every year (unless it's a 10-year alarm)
    • Clean it out properly at least twice every year, by vacuuming the inside.