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Bedfordshire FRS Wins BBC 3 Counties Radio Award

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service (BFRS) came together with EEAST to thank firefighters for their outstanding support during COVID.

On Thursday 24 September BBC 3 Counties Radio presenter Andy Collins arrived to present us with the Radio station’s; Make a Difference Awards - Emergency Services Award.

This award was for the blue light service who put the needs of others ahead of their own every day.

The gold award was given to the BFRS for the work that we have been doing with EEAST during COVID-19, providing over 20 seconded Firefighters to EEAST to drive ambulances. This enabled EEAST to keep more ambulances on the road during this time. Between April-August they worked over 12,000 hours; covered over 500 shifts and drove over 500 ambulances. This was part of a co-responding initiative and firefighters, have been attending emergency incidents with EEAST ever since.

It was important for BFRS at this time of crisis to support our Blue Light colleagues. Our Firefighters willingly stepped forward to volunteer to support EEAST. They did this because they have the skills and experience to work alongside paramedics to respond to 999 calls.


Chief Fire Officer, Paul Fuller said; “We are delighted to have won this award.  This award is credit to the way our firefighters fitted into EEAST’s team’s right across Bedfordshire. This has been remarkable and both services are looking to build on this collaborative spirit and camaraderie. We are already planning a number of projects to continue to benefit patients and the wider community.

“I would like to thank our colleagues at EEAST for the support that they have given us and our firefighters over the past 6 months. This has been a very proud day for us. And I would also like to thank Simon King at EEAST who also presented us with a plaque to thank us for this joint collaboration supporting our ambulance service and saving people’s lives.”

Simon King, EEAST’s Head of Operations for Bedfordshire, said: “We are very grateful for the incredible support we have received from our colleagues in the fire and rescue service during the coronavirus pandemic. The firefighters and community safety team have played an important role in helping us to keep our patients, staff and volunteers safe by giving up their time to drive our vehicles, provide a falls response service, rural responding to high acuity calls and providing a specialist response for our complex patients.  This, in turn, has freed up our crews to continue delivering frontline care and they are continuing to support us as we continue with these challenges.

“On behalf of everyone at EEAST, I would like to congratulate them on this well-deserved award and thank them once more for their hard work and dedication.”

Watch the BBC 3 Counties Radio Video here.

Link to feature on BBC Sounds: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p08qvd5f

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