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Man Rescued From House Fire in Houghton Regis

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service rescued a man and led a woman and a dog to safety last night (4 February) following a house fire in Leafields, Houghton Regis.

Firefighters were called to the property at 22.10 yesterday evening and when they arrived found that there were people inside the two storey semi-detached house. When fire crews from Dunstable Community Fire Station arrived minutes later they found that the fire was on the ground floor and smoke and heat was affecting the first floor above.

Firefighters led a woman and a dog to safety from the building and a man was rescued by firefighters who administered CPR to the casualty prior to the arrival of the Ambulance Service. He was then taken to hospital. Fire crews wearing breathing apparatus used two hose reels and a covering jet to extinguish the fire and positive pressure ventilation to clear smoke from the building.

The ground floor was damaged by fire and the first floor affected by heat and smoke. The incident was closed at 23.30 and the cause of fire is being investigated.