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Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service (BFRS) supports #ProjectEDWARD2021- Every Day Without a Road Death

BFRS are excited to enter Project EDWARD Week of Action on 13th September– this year’s theme being Fit for the Road.

Working in conjunction with The Association for Road Risk Management (ARRM) and RoadSafe, the Project aims to improve road safety by implementing a SafeSystem strategy for road use. This translates as a long-term objective of roads with zero deaths or serious injuries.


Project EDWARD is an annual and UK-wide road safety campaign backed by the government, emergency services, highways agencies, road safety organisations and a variety of British businesses.

BFRS will be helping Project Edward to raise awareness of their efforts to improve road safety, along with other emergency services both local and national.

Focusing #ProjectEDWARD2021 on the theme of Fit for the Road is a great starting point for those community groups who are new to the SafeSystem, as it encourages people to ensure that their vehicle is safe for road use.

RoadSafe informs us of their understanding that modern cars have been designed with significantly improved systems to ensure safety. Autonomous emergency braking and other driver assistance systems have contributed to the reduction of accidents caused by driver error or distraction. Therefore, Project EDWARD seeks to incentivise and encourage the continued rollout of such technologies and education of members of the public of their usefulness.

On Monday 13th September, #ProjectEDWARD launches their Road Trip which will showcase:

  • Great examples of road planning, design and engineering,
  • the safest vehicles,
  • nationwide efforts to deter dangerous behaviour,
  • advances in emergency post-crash care.

For more information on #ProjectEDWARD and to find out how to get involved as well as how to follow the Road Trip around the country and find your local stop, visit https://projectedward.org/.