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Cannabis Factory Fire, Baker Street, Luton

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue were called to a house fire in Baker Street, Luton last Thursday evening (1 November 2018).

Fire Control received several calls at 22.04 about a fire at a two-storey terraced property and sent two fire engines from Luton Community Fire Station to the scene.

When Fire Crews arrived approximately 5 minutes later they found the fire was well developed. A third fire appliance from Dunstable Community Fire Station was then sent in support. The property was being used as a cannabis factory.

Crews wearing breathing apparatus used two hose reels and two covering jets to fight the fire which was brought under control quickly. The fire had caused considerable damage with the ground floor of the building 50% damaged by fire, the first floor 60% damaged by fire and the roof void 30% damaged by fire. The remainder of the property was affected by heat and smoke damage.

Bedfordshire Police attended. Fire Investigation and Fire Hazardous Materials officers also attended to support the Crews.

Group Commander Steve Allen, said: “I would like to thank the Fire Crews who tackled the fire quickly and were able to prevent damage to surrounding houses.  Cannabis factories present a serious risk to firefighters and neighbouring properties.  Illegally obtained electricity can increase the risk of fire occurring and properties can have additional hazards like sharps, gases and weakened structures, which all present serious risks to firefighters when fighting fires and protecting the public.”

Police and Fire Investigation Officers undertook further investigations and enquiries at the scene on Friday 2 November.

If you suspect there is a cannabis factory in your neighbourhood you can report it by calling 101 or anonymously contacting Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.