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Monthly Financial Reports

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, has called upon local authorities to provide greater financial transparency by publishing spending information over £500.

Listed below are monthly reports for Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service showing details of items of expenditure over £500 on goods and services, provided by external bodies and suppliers.

The amounts shown exclude VAT.  A description is included to indicate broadly the type of goods or services purchased.

In line with the requirements set out in the Local Government Transparency Code these files will be published on a quarterly basis not later than one month after the quarter to which the data and information is applicable.

 Further enquiries regarding the content of these reports should be raised as a Freedom of Information Act enquiry and be addressed to Governance@bedsfire.gov.uk


Information about expenditure over £500 is available to view and download as Adobe PDF and Microsoft Excel formats. If you are opening the .xls file and are asked for a password please click the "cancel" button and you should be able to access the .xls file.

Quarter 3 2022-23(.PDF)

Quarter 3 2022-23(.XLS)

Quarter 2 2022-23(.PDF)

Quarter 2 2022-23(.XLS)

Quarter1 2022-23(.PDF)

Quarter 1 2022-23(.XLS)

Quarter 4 2021-22(.PDF)

Quarter4 2021-22(.XLS)

Quarter 3 2021-22(.PDF)

Quarter 3 2021-22(.XLS)

Quarter 2 2021-22(.PDF)

Quarter 2 2021-22(.XLS)

Quarter 1 2021-22(.PDF)

Quarter 1 2021-22(.XLS)

Quarter 4 2020-21(.PDF)

Quarter 4 2020-21(.XLS)

Quarter 3 2020-21(.PDF)

Quarter 3 2020-21(.XLS)

Quarter 2 2020-21(.PDF)

Quarter 2 2020-21(.XLS)

Quarter 1 2020-21(.PDF)

Quarter 1 2020-21(.XLS)

Quarter 4 2019-20 (.PDF)

Quarter 3 2019-20 (.PDF)

Quarter 3 2019-20 (.XLS)

Quarter 2 2019-20 (.PDF)

Quarter 2 2019-20 (.XLS)

Quarter 1 2019-20 (.PDF)

Quarter 1 2019-20 (.XLS)

March 2019 (.PDF)

March 2019 (.XLS)

February 2019 (.PDF)

February 2019 (.XLS)

January 2019 (.PDF)

January 2019 (.XLS)

December 2018 (.PDF)

December 2018 (.XLS)

November2018 (.XLS)

November 2018 (.PDF)

October 2018 (.XLS)

October 2018 (.PDF)

September 2018 (.XLS)

September 2018 (.PDF)

August 2018 (.XLS)

August 2018 (.PDF)

July 2018 (.PDF)

July 2018 (.XLS)

June 2018 (.PDF)

June 2018 (.XLS)

May 2018 (.PDF)

May 2018 (.XLS)

April 2018 (.PDF)

April 2018 (.XLS)

March 2018 (.PDF)

March 2018 (.XLS)

February 2018 (.PDF)

February 2018 (.XLS)

January 2018 (.PDF)

January 2018 (.XLS)

December 2017 (.PDF)

December 2017 (.XLS)

November 2017 (.PDF)

November 2017 (.XLS)

October 2017 (.PDF)

October 2017 (.XLS)

September 2017 (.PDF)

September 2017 (.XLS)

August 2017 (.PDF)

August 2017 (.XLS)

July 2017 (.PDF)

July 2017 (.XLS)

June 2017 (.PDF)

June 2017 (.XLS)

May 2017 (.PDF)

May 2017 (.XLS)

April 2017 (.PDF)

April 2017 (.XLS)

March 2017 (.PDF)

March 2017 (.XLS)

February 2017 (.PDF)

February 2017 (.XLS)

January 2017 (.PDF)

January 2017 (.XLS)

December 2016 (.PDF)

December 2016 (.XLS)

November 2016 (.PDF)

November 2016 (.XLS)

October 2016 (.PDF)

October 2016 (.XLS)

September 2016 (.PDF)

September 2016 (.XLS)

August 2016 (.PDF)

August 2016 (.XLS)

July 2016 (.PDF)

July 2016 (.XLS)

June 2016 (.PDF)

June 2016 (.XLS)

May 2016 (.PDF)

May 2016 (.XLS)

April 2016 (.PDF)

April 2016 (.XLS)


























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