If you have a hearing impairment or struggle to communicate verbally you can contact the emergency services via text  – register now by texting “register” to 999 and follow instructions – or download the NGT Lite App from Apple App store or Google Play

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Our Values and Mission

Our Mission is to provide outstanding fire and rescue services that help make Bedfordshire safer.

Our Values

These values were developed with our staff and our communities to ensure that these values supported our mission and priorities.

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  • We are accountable – We are transparent, trustworthy, and responsible for our actions
  • We’ve got your back – Striving to keep us all safe, while being supportive and inclusive
  • Every contact counts – Making a positive difference each and every time, with respect and professionalism
  • We dare to be different – We are bold, we welcome challenge, and we are open to innovative ideas.




Beds Fire


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