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Safe & Well Visits

Last updated  14 September 2018

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service's Safe and Well Visits help protect the most vulnerable people in our communities. The Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) (now the National Fire Chief Council (NFCC)) have produced a light-hearted animation that explains what Safe & Well visits are.

During the last ten years Bedfordshire Firefighters and the Community Safety team have been extremely successful in reducing fires and educating people to be safer in their homes. Our Safe and well visits build on this and provide safety advice to those most at risk. They include detailed fire safety advice and also offer additional guidance on health, wellbeing and crime prevention. If hazards or risks are identified during the Safe and Well visit, the Service is able to refer vulnerable people to appropriate partner agencies for further help and support with making them safer.

We will continue to guide those who are not most at risk and treat any calls requesting assistance appropriately. If we are unable to visit we will still provide safety advice.

If you would like more information about Safe and Well Visits please email: contact@bedsfire.com

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