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Shefford Community Fire Station

Built in 1969 Shefford Community Fire Station is one of eight on-call, or Retained Duty, Fire Stations within Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Shefford is home to one ‘Rescue Pump’ which is fully kitted out with equipment to deal with most emergencies. It is also home to one of the service’s MRVs or Multi-Role Vehicles, which are designed to fight small fires in remote locations thanks to their 4x4 capability. They are also used to transport personnel  and equipment to water rescue incidents, and have room for Shefford’s flood rescue boat which is an inflatable rib style vessel, designed to take people caught up in flooding incidents to a place of safety.

It is crewed by 'on call' firefighters who live or work within six minutes of the station. When an emergency call is received the crew are contacted by personal alerters so they can immediately get to the station and respond to the emergency on their fire appliances.

The station also has a Paramedic car which is crewed by an East of England paramedic enabling them to get to incidents quicker.


Shefford Fire Station Plan 2022-23

Shefford Community Fire Station Open Day 2017