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Balcony fire safety

Balcony fires are often caused by lighting barbeques or by a discarded cigarette that then ignites combustible material stored on the balcony.

If you have access to a balcony

  • Be aware of the risks of storing combustible materials on balconies such as mattresses, electrical appliances, glass vessels and mirrors that could amplify sunlight and wooden garden furniture;
  • DO NOT light a barbeque on your balcony, always ensure it is completely out if you do use one;
  • Take care smoking on balconies and dispose of cigarettes responsibly;
  • Only use seats and tables made from non-flammable materials on balconies.

If you own a block of flats

  • Ensure the material and construction of balconies will not enable external fire spread;
  • Remove and replace combustible material used in balcony construction to prevent external fire spread;
  • Put in place a policy covering what can and cannot be stored and used on balconies by residents and review this in the light of the materials used in the balcony construction;
  • Communicate with your residents so they understanding of these risks and why they should not light barbeques on balconies.

If residents have fire safety concerns

If you want to have information about balcony safety you should contact their managing agent, management company or landlord in the first instance. They should respond promptly to any such requests. If residents are unable to obtain fire safety information, or believe their concerns are not being addressed appropriately, they should contact the Fire and Rescue Service.

If you have any concerns about others lighting barbeques on their balconies you should contact your managing agent, management company or landlord in the first instance unless it is currently taking place – in which please call 999 and ask for the fire and rescue service.

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